The core of TTI rests in its employees. They make us successful!

Our team is here to make sure that your experience is as great as it can be, from start to finish.

Brian Casey CEO/President
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With the Company almost 40 years, started apprentice program for surgical instrument makers in 1985. An expert instrument maker under the training of the founder. Became a Master Surgical Instrument Maker in 1990, capable of turning blanks into finished medical devices using the following skills (brazing, bending, drilling, filing, and buffing) and being able to work for extended periods of time looking thru a microscope. Held this position until 1998 when he took a position in Sales and Office Administration and later advanced to the Supervisor of the CNC Miling Department and then CEO/President.

Please contact Brian with questions or comments relating to customer service and technical instrument questions.

Ron Casey Chief Operations Officer/VP
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Started apprentice program for machining in 1985. Completed apprentice program and became a journeyman machinist in 1990, capable of running manual lathes, mills, and drill presses. In 1996 became the Supervisor of the CNC Department, operating, supervising, and training future machinists in programming, setup, and operating CNC. In 2000 became VP, supervising day-to-day operations of both the Manufacturing and Finishing Departments. In 2017 became the COO, with the continued responsibility of supervising the operations of the Manufacturing and Finishing Departments along with additional assistance in new customer acquirement, service, and quoting duties.

Please contact Ron with questions or comments relating to quality control and manufacturing capabilities.

Amanda Wagner Chief Administrative Officer
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With the Company for almost 20 years, plays an active role in Regulatory and Quality Assurance. Awarded a professional achievement in Quality Management from the American Society of Quality, earning a Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence certificate.

Please contact Amanda with questions or comments relating to customer service (specifically – problems or returns/repairs) and human resources.

Patti Casey, Customer Relations Manager
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With the Company for almost 6 years, plays an active role in Customer’s overall satisfaction. From order entry to final shipping updates she makes sure the customer’s needs are always a top priority.

Please contact Pattiwith questions or comments relating to all accounting and customer service
(specifically – order confirmation and order status).